And They Said I'd Never Make It

from by We Used To Exist



one candle in the window
a silhouetted figure
finger of flame keeps me at bay

wet stone beneath my footsteps
a cold rain keeps my hair wet
too late to make the midnight bell

and only time will show
if all those non-believers were in the know

so get up and go
throw your hat
don't save the last dance
lights may still show
but they'll burst before your last chance

and make your escape before they find you're away
thanks for nothin', have a nice day

i don't want to live forever
i don't want to live forever
'cause dreams are really all I've got
and i don't think i'll reach the top today

help is around the corner
they always say it's just around the corner
but no one wants to step up to the plate

how can you play the game
with no penny to your name
i guess the best get famous from the grave

and on my stone write
this man was broken
from soul to bone

my last curtain call
closed before my first audition
and way too many days
being screwed in this position

i've sailed with all the sinking ships in this sea
and you've heard the stories...
rags to riches from the street
i thought that any man could somehow find his dreams
but the guy who got the princess wasn't me

i don't want to live forever
i don't want to live forever
'cause the one thing that i haven't got's
the only thing i ever planned
and dreams are really all i've got
but i don't think i'll reach the top today

and do you wanna be that boy
who sold his dreams to get a bean?


from The Lights May Still Show, released September 29, 2011
Timothy LaLonde & Dean Rostron

Drums - Graeme Maguire
Bass - Christian Heerdt



all rights reserved


We Used To Exist Berlin, Germany

Two peeps, three continents, too much time, not enough money... years of opposites. Hearts broken then repaired, hopes lost then found, albums kept in the cupboard and then finally released. My advice?

When the time is right you can breath. It's ok. Go on instinct. But know this...

Death is totally inappropriate. And besides, it makes you look pale.
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