Someone Is Calling Me

from by We Used To Exist



someone is calling me
i’m arriving on the track
it’s just me and my friends
packing our bags
we’re on our way back

as i’m walking down the street
the people are crowding me
they ask for my name
'cause i'm just a guy
from the tv

i spent four years in hollywood
and look what it did to me (what did it do to you?)
rich, dirty and bad
broken and sad
i’m heading back home

though I don’t remember much
i remember feeling such
happiness and glee
i forgot my memory
show me where I’m from
accept me as i was
forgive for who i am
i won’t forget you now
i won’t forget you now
no, i won’t forget you

fame and it’s luxuries
ain’t what they’re cracked up to be
they tell you you’re cool
you think you’re so bad
but you’re just a fad, baby

when someone is calling you
and you know who it’s gonna be
i swear that it’s you
you say that it’s me
it’s my e.s.p.

they saved me and they made me
they made me and they left me
they left me and they hurt me

please don’t accept the calls
live in shadows on the wall
and you will never fall
don’t forget this now
don’t forget this now
no, don’t forget this now


from The Lights May Still Show, released September 29, 2011
Timothy LaLonde & Dean Rostron

Drums - Graeme Maguire



all rights reserved


We Used To Exist Berlin, Germany

Two peeps, three continents, too much time, not enough money... years of opposites. Hearts broken then repaired, hopes lost then found, albums kept in the cupboard and then finally released. My advice?

When the time is right you can breath. It's ok. Go on instinct. But know this...

Death is totally inappropriate. And besides, it makes you look pale.
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